Table of Contents

A   Diaries, 1914-21
B   National insurance and early medical papers, 1832-1933
   B1 Public health provision and poor law relief, 1832-1929
   B2 National Insurance provision, 1910-33, and (c. 16) miscellaneous papers, 1907-16
C   Board of Education (Aug. 1914-May 1915), 1910-22
   C1 Letters of congratulation and papers relating to children and child welfare, 1910-17
   C2 Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, 1915-22, and (c. 21) papers relating to further and medical education, 1910-22
D   Ministry of Munitions (May 1915-July 1917), 1899-1935
   D1 Papers concerning establishment and running of the Ministry
   D2 Papers concerning supply and manufacture, including Departmental papers
   D3 Papers concerning employees
E   Ministry of Reconstruction (July 1917-Jan. 1919), 1915-38
   E1 Official papers, 1916-20
   E2 Official correspondence, 1916-20
   E3 Post War Priority Council, 1918, and (c. 113-15) supply of raw materials, 1917-38
   E4 Industrial relations and demobilisation, 1915-22
   E5 Land settlement, agriculture, and housing, 1916-19
   E6 Transport, 1917-19, (c. 122-3) trade relations, 1917-23, and (c. 124) miscellaneous papers, 1916-18
F   Local Government Board (Jan.-June 1919), 1917-20
G   Ministry of Health (June 1919-Apr. 1921), 1890-1951
   G1 Ministry of Health administration, staff, and legislation
   G2 Ministry of Health papers on health issues
   G3 Ministry of Health papers on housing issues
H   Minister without Portfolio (Apr.-July 1921), 1921-8
I   Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (1929-31), 1905-51
   I1 Official papers, 1928-39 and (c. 165) agricultural legislation, 1929-38
   I2 Marketing commodities and marketing legislation, 1929-35, and (c. 169-72) specific crops, 1919-38, including (c. 173-4, d. 8/1) the Egg and Poultry Reorganisation Committee, 1929-38
   I3 Labour Party policy on agriculture, 1920-51
   I4 National Parks, 1929-39, and (c. 180-2) miscellaneous papers, 1905-39
J   House of Lords (May 1937-Dec. 1951), 1918-51
K   Party and Constituency Papers, 1910-48
   K1 Hoxton (later Shoreditch), 1910-48, and (c. 198-201) Swindon, 1920-36
   K2 Coalition Government, 1919-22
   K3 Labour Party, 1923-45
   K4 Committees on which Addison served, 1930-9
L   Miscellaneous political and personal correspondence, 1906-51
M   Speeches, 1916-33
N   Papers relating to Addison's publications, 1914-39
O   Press cuttings, 1909-50
P   Photographs and original cartoons, 1880-1948
Q   Personal and family papers, 1883-1980
   Q1 Early family papers, and papers of Isobel Addison, 1895-1952
   Q2 Papers of Dorothy Addison, 1925-80
   Q3 Papers relating to Addison's homes and property, 1901-32
   Q4 Papers relating to Addison's business ventures, 1930-51
   Q5 Miscellaneous personal papers, 1883-1960, and (c. 248) papers relating mainly to Addison's death and biography, 1935-77
R   Papers, mainly of Dorothy, Lady Addison, relating to Christopher Addison, 1895-1960